Clinical Trials

For Patients

At TriSalus we are passionately committed to developing treatments to improve solid tumor patient outcomes and enhance the quality of life for patients.

TriSalus believes that its therapeutic approach can provide patients with effective therapy designed to fight solid tumors.

We are developing investigational treatments that combine immunotherapies with the potential to attack liver metastases and pancreatic solid tumors, stimulate the immune system to respond, and deliver these therapies directly to the site of disease.

With patients at the center of all we do and leading oncology experts driving our mission, TriSalus is conducting robust clinical trial programs to evaluate our targeted approach. Our investigators care for cancer patients each day and are driven to seek treatment options for liver metastases and pancreatic solid tumor patients.

For patients interested in learning more, information on ongoing TriSalus trials in liver metastases and pancreatic cancer can be found at